MCS Educational Chairperson Message


We work to provide the finest possible education for our girls today and tomorrow

Dear Maryknollers and Friends of Maryknoll,

The Maryknoll Convent School (MCS) Educational Trust, established to provide educational and financial support to the Primary and Secondary Sections, has in past years made significant contributions. Thanks to the generous support of former and present students, parents, teachers and donors, the Trust has been able to continuously improve our schools’ educational facilities, in terms of both hardware and software for our students and staff.

It all started in 1992, with great support of alumnae and the Hong Kong Jockey Club, the MCS Educational Trust successfully collaborated in the new wing project for the Secondary Section. In 1995, the former Regional House of the Maryknoll Sisters was renovated to create 15 classrooms and other facilities for the Primary Section, turning it into a whole-day school in 1997. Air-conditioning of both schools as well as improved playgrounds, computer and music facilities are among the many other contributions of the Trust.

The Maryknoll Convent School Educational Trust relies on fund-raising events and activities to support special projects within the two Sections of our school. An estimated amount of HK$1.5 to 2.5 million each year has been granted to the Sections to support above-standard teaching and learning facilities.

  1. Providing school-based professional Clinical and Educational Psychology services for students, staff and parents. Programs are held every year to promote positive and healthy psychology. Specific care and attention are given to those with special needs.
  2. Hiring teachers of English, Mathematics, Putonghua to enhance teaching and academic standards
  3. Hiring of I.T. professionals, Teacher Librarian and Administrative Staff.
  4. Support for professional development, sabbatical and duty visits for teachers and staff.
  5. Financial assistance for the purchase of devices and services to prepare MCS for E-Learning and related programs.
  6. Promoting interest and encouraging participation in a wider variety of sports and Arts.

The Trust has not only upgraded and increased facilities for students, we have sustained continuous financial support to provide a strong academic environment, retaining highly qualified faculty team and ensuring quality teaching for pleasant learning at Maryknoll.

Every contribution to the Trust is important: it helps us to maintain our support to Maryknoll. Annual fund-raising events organized by the two Sections and by alumnae are our major sources of finance.

We appeal to you for your support and love for Maryknoll. Any and each contribution makes a difference for the enhancement of education of current and future students. You will be helping to carry forward the great legacy of our Maryknoll Sisters.

We sincerely hope you will consider making a contribution. Please refer to ‘How to donate’ for how you may support.

Let us join hands to work for the sustainability of the MCS Educational Trust and together take Maryknoll to better and higher sights.

With Warm wishes and blessing,
Emily Ngan
MCS Educational Trust